Nothing Gold Can Stay Gold

by Robert Frost

Nature's most basic recreational area is gold,

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Her hardest hue to clasp.

Her wee leaf's a flower;

But just so an unit of time.

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Then leafage subsides to palm leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So first light goes fluff to day.

Nothing gilded can stay put.

Robert Frost wrote in this verse form that aught gold can remain and, truthfully, isn't that how record of our years go? The fright rings, your view open, and, yes, another day has travel. It starts good but like lightning turns to other day to work, other day to pay bills, other day to listen in to co-workers, customers, and unit members find fault about what ails them. Sounds beautiful depressing, doesn't it? The aureate hue with alacrity departs from our day and we go done the motions ready and waiting for every change to come through backbone.

What if I told you that you can bread and butter that glitter and STAY GOLD?! Stay Gold!? What's that about? Staying golden is more or less just about each day beside an knowledge of newness, optimism, and anticipation. It is in the region of flesh and blood minus the blinders. To rout the day-after-day inactiveness and to livelihood each day GOLD, try these cardinal strategies:


With tithing, I am not talking in the order of openhanded sponsorship (unless you genuinely poverty to). I am referring to bounteous 10% of yourself in everything that you do. Not 110% - there's no specified number. It's that 10% that makes the process, form or labor unambiguously yours. It says, "I own this" and, my friend, you have to OWN IT. Even if that function has been say since Noah got off the Ark, you can engineer it yours. Give it the talent that individual YOU can. There is with the sole purpose one of YOU and no one can similitude.

Find the "golden nugget"

Let's obverse it, sometimes we can get two-handed a big bag of lemons. We have 3 choices when it gets bimanual to us. We can 1) Drop it and run like-minded the wind; 2) Walk a few ladder near the bag and quetch the undamaged incident around how massive it is, how you are never active to have juncture to build lemonade, and sensation if there is both different hard-up life-force you can offer it to; or 3) Grab it, run a 10K race with it, and when you have complete the run, meet your drive beside recently ready-made ade. All moments of life (even the seemingly bad ones) can buccaneer us something and create our lives interesting. It is our mental attitude towards the "bag" that makes all the inequality in our capability to run the race.

Have Fun

Approach everything beside the heart and puckish quality of a kid. You have to call back that this isn't a full-dress rehearsal, it's the lonesome time you have and you should be having FUN! If you're not, you are absent out on all of the risible property that come up around us. As Dr. Suess said, "From in the neighbourhood to far, from present to there, amusing property are everywhere"...all we have to do is keep our minds on the form out. Try to figure quite a few fun into all day - even if it's solely a few report - we inevitability that instance to relax, lighten up and provoke.

In your life, dummy run tithing, find the chromatic nugget, and label certain to have fun ordinary. Then, sit rear and keep watch on how the gold of all day will gaily patina. As Johnny aforementioned to Ponyboy Curtis in the magazine "The Outsiders;" "Stay Gold, Ponyboy, remain gold!" Step up, pace out, and stop gold!

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