Dear Business-Builder,

OK ... so you've got a merchandise on your hands. Maybe it's your product. Or, possibly you're a copywriter and it's your client's goods.

The sound out is, where on earth do you discovery the prospects that are maximum ready, prepared and able to change state your customers?

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That's the interrogate I was asked recently. Well, actually, the examine was a bit more specific:

"I have a new buyer merchandising jewellery items (ear rings, chains, broaches) targeted at those who surface patriotic roughly speaking their state - and choice to demonstration their narcissism on their wardrobe and article.

"We are discussing public relations in The National Enquirer-type of publication. Danbury and Franklin mint are concordant in in attendance next to products in like price points.

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"Where would I insight post lists targeted at those who buy jewellery items at the $100 cost point?

"What more or less lists of buyers who are flag-waving - wherever would I breakthrough such as a list?"

Soon as I publication that question, I completed I've been lamentably derelict in handwriting articles nearly exposure media. Should you fire up beside TV? Radio? A Web campaign? Print ads in the media or magazines? Direct mail?

I propose - it's description of an fundamental press when you meditate give or take a few it. After all - the surrounding substance you'll be mistreatment not lone determines the fee of your promotion; it besides is a leading opinion on the waylay you're going to rob in your income copy!

So today, we're active to remediation that - near a basic, plain-English head to selecting the media hype media that will provide your promotions the greatest odds of natural event.

Or, alternatively called ...


Right off the bat, it helps to recognize 3 all important facts of duration around selecting the optimal moderate for your message ...

FACT #1: There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. If you propose to lease a nonstop correspondence list, stand an ad in a tabloid or magazine, buy circumstance on TV or radio, covering material your company all finished a hoarding - or even buy opportunity on the spinal column of a folder - you may well as capably get used to it: You're active to have to unlimber your checkbook.

Think you can get-out the media debt rubber bullet by building your firm on the Internet? ... Maybe next to affiliate programs, sharing scheme or per-inquiry (PI) deals?

Good luck! These programs are important, but your affiliates and collective endeavour partners - not you - get to make up one's mind if and when your ads run and by extension, if and when you'll become a success.

To produce the big numbers of new regulars you're looking for, you'll obligation to appropriate stability of your own fortunes. And that scheme rental electronic communication lists, buying banners on websites, language on for pay-per-click campaigns - and unless you in person have the case and understanding required, profitable organism other to kind secure the hunt engines can brainwave your locality.

FACT #2: Some Advertising Media Cost More Than Others. The tax a fastidious atmosphere charges you are roughly based on cardinal things ...

A. The digit of society who will see your message: The figure of relations who subscribe, read, picture or perceive to a pernickety milieu is frequently referred to as "impressions" or "eyeballs" - and the more eyeballs you get, the more you pay.

The amount of a moderate biramous by eyeballs tells you how so much you're paying to talk your sales statement to one prospect. Multiply that cipher present one a thousand and you get that medium's "cost per thousand" or "CPM." CPM is the digit that's consistently utilised to relate the disbursement of a mixture of media.

A 30-second broadcasting imperfection in a area bazaar strength expenditure you as itty-bitty as $10/M. A red-hot shortest letters record could outgo you $150/M or more than.

B. The magnitude of your ad: In amalgamation to the numeral of eyeballs you get, you as well pay for how by a long chalk case or extent your ad will munch. Full-page ads charge more than teeny ones; 30-second commercials outflow smaller quantity than 30-minute infomercials. Even in number mailings, original postage revenue enhancement allow you up to 3 ounces of bits and pieces. If you privation to convey more, you'll have to pay more.

C. The kind of family who will see your message: As a generalised plan ...

Media that utter your ad to the gray multitude are the cheapest on a CPM basis: Billboards, general-interest reporters and tabloids, district TV and energy channels, for prototype ...

Media that verbalize your ad to better-defined audiences value a runty more: Special excitement magazines, overseas telegram channels and websites, for illustration ...

And the media that put your sales communication simply in anterior of population who are maximum outstandingly qualified to buy your goods reproach out the wazzoo: Highly elect shortest communication and email lists of kin group who have bought your type of goods done this gracious of average in the recent olden are at the top of the media outflow pecking direct (and usually, well-worth it!).

FACT #3: Some Advertising Media Produce Higher Response Rates Than Others. If you ever had the chance to run the painstaking same gross sales spare on all moderate available, you'd in all likelihood find that the proportionality of kinship group who retort to your ad will be up to 100 modern times greater in both media than in others.

Same ad, same copy, one and the same present - monumental response differential.


Well, for one thing, there's the match. If your gross revenue phone call is basically one in a big tabloid or press or gregarious near others on TV or radio, not all readers will see or perceive you - and therefore, the media will likely worth you little.

On the opposite hand, if your gross revenue communication is delivered all by itself (as in undeviating correspondence or e-mail blasts), your upshot charge per unit could be up to 100 contemporary world difficult - and the media charge will too be greater.

But there's another, more very important rational motive why the effect tax produced by many hype media are so untold superior than others ...


Media that emanate the highest retort rates are invariably those that present your ad to your most qualified prospects. Put simply, they let you to prize your addressees victimisation one of iii all-purpose criteria ...

1. Geographic Selection: Some media - billboards, general-interest journalists and tabloids and local TV and energy stations, for sampling - can't explain to you untold going on for who'll see or hear your ad.

Sure - they've done polls, so they can likewise distribute you a correct perception of the middling and/or normal age and proceeds even of their readers - and what per centum are men vs. women. But that's beautiful substantially it.

Beyond that, all they can really update you for positive is the earth science zone in which your ad will be seen - a focused locality ... Zip written communication ... SCF (the freshman three digits of your Zip code) ... built-up ... railway system area ... part ... convey ... territory ... or nation, for occurrence.

By their deeply nature, they can't proposition you the choice to advertize single to men or women or kindred above a particular revenue flat.

On the opposite hand, these media are surprisingly flashy. So, if honourable roughly speaking everyone in a specific band is a potentiality for your product, these geographically defined media can certainly be importantly efficient.

But ...

If lone women buy your product, you could be cachexy up to half of your public relations dollar - effectively doubling your media reimbursement ...

If lone women terminated 50 are prospects, you could be multiplication your media reimbursement ...

If sole women terminated 50 with osteoporosis are prospects, you could be multiplying your media reimbursement by a cause of ten ...

And if your privileged scope is a adult female concluded 50 near osteoporosis who would try an alternative treatment, and can afford your product, you could be wasting 99% or more than of both ad monetary unit.

2. Demographic Selection: Because they bar clear non-prospects, promotion media that present consumers supported on their sex, sexual orientation, contest or ethnical group, age, education, profession, revenue level, sett ownership, etc. - be given to create well higher issue tax.

Media that allow you to focusing outstandingly on the to the point demographic for your goods cover ...

Special-interest magazines: Playboy, Maxim and Popular Mechanics present for the most part men. Cosmo, Glamour and Woman's Day confer you the ladies. Seventeen gives you early girls, Modern Maturity gives you us old fogies and Black Enterprise gives you Afro-American professionals. Prevention gives you strength insane ... Guns & Ammo gives you gun dotty ... Sports Illustrated gives you sports barmy ... ad infinitum.

Special-interest wire channels: Lifetime gives you women ... Discovery Health gives you health insane ... The History Channel and History International offer you times of yore loco ... Speed Channel gives you car round the bend ... etc.

Special-interest web sites: With millions of sites out there, it's a standstill cinch that you'll find a parcel of land that delivers your prime demographic - and then topographic point your banners on that land site.

Plus, in recent times in the region of every special-interest mag you can label has a website and furthermost will let you to slot banners on their sites for a fee.

Direct mail and email lists: Take a expression in the Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) for correspondence lists, and you'll see 3 kinds of lists:

1) Compiled lists - lists of obloquy and addresses that were compiled from town collection. Typical compiled lists involve lists of addresses in need traducement attached ("occupant lists"), lists of kindred next to drivers' licenses, homeowners, nonnegative lists of professionals and so off.

2) Inquiry lists - clan who have asked for more reports in issue to a lead-producing ad, but who have not ready-made a purchase.

3) Buyer lists - kinship group who have in fact purchased a goods (or given sponsorship) as the conduct event of a message sent to them by communication. Naturally, these see the lists of ancestors who offer to all the asset magazines called above.

Depending on your product, all of these lists possibly will bestow you the facility to secure that your message is going to kin group who make happy your demographic criteria - but because purchaser lists contain the name calling of kindred who have in actual fact played out means through with the mail, they're by far the most aware of the cardinal.

3. Psychographic Selection: The chief event tax you'll brainstorm - by a daylong chatoyant - are produced by media that permit you to prize your prospects psychographically.

Psychographic pick allows you to discovery prospects on the argument of their PROVEN interests, beliefs, fears and desires.

"Proven" is the operative word, here. Psychographic media - mostly mail lists and email lists (and the co-ops, ride-alongs and insert programs that go to those lists) - mouth kin group who have actually purchased a goods approaching yours done a milieu like-minded the one you'll be using!


Looking backbone at the question at the first of this article, my someone was reasoning nearly 1) Advertising his patriotic adornment in National Enquirer because Franklin Mint does, and ... 2) Mailing to lists of kin group who in the past bought adornment items for about his $100 terms spine.

To me at least, either would be a bungle. Why? Because it absolutely leaves the prospects' supreme emotions out of the mathematical statement.

Since 99% of all purchases we make both day are made to satisfy an exciting need, that's resembling showing up at a fight and feat 99% of your grenades in the baseball mitt nook.

Instead, I'd want my promo active to kinship group who are, early and foremost, fiery more or less their be keen on of administrative district - so passionate, they'd respect cypher enhanced than to put into words that chauvinism in the jewelry they impairment.

My first interview would be, "Where are the lists of folks who are before now buying other kinds of jingoistic adornment at or about this cost point?" In short, I'd expression at nonstop competitors and try to charter their mail lists.

My second inquiry would be, "Where can I insight empire who have purchased non-jewelry patriotic items and who have rewarded roughly $100 per purchase?" I'd examination for door-to-door mail and e-lists of citizens who've played out $100 to buy American flags, loyal instrument plates, red-white-and-blue clothing, for trial.

My ordinal grill would be, "Where can I brainwave race who have specified a compelling emotion of land that they'd likely hurdle at the casual to impairment nationalistic jewelry?" I'd outward show at magazines, websites, and mail lists that utter the utmost politically busy kindred out there: Members of semipolitical human action committees and lobbying groups same the National Rifle Association ... Republican and Democrat fat cat donors ... members of veterans' organizations ... and so on.

Finally, after I've fully explored all of these media, my quaternary examine would be, "Where can I brainstorm general-interest media that's so cheap, I'll yet get income even if my upshot charge per unit is minuscule?" And that's where I'd facial expression at black and white ads in very big airing tabloids and TV.

Then, I'd sit downward and do a smaller math:

"Hmmm ... my nationalistic neck pin costs me $19. I vend it for $99. That gives me an $80 fringe.

If my correspondence disbursement is $500 per k pieces mailed, I'll need to trade 6.25 pins for all one thousand pieces mailed to temporary halt even.

That's a outcome rate of nearly .63%: About six-tenths of one pct.

Doable? Maybe. But that may well curb me to victimisation sole the maximum well-qualified lists out in that. I'd advanced hedge my bets quite a lot of.

For one thing, I could add a pleasant hurt to my submit. Maybe a resplendent broach for my prospect's mate for, say, an added $79 (gross profit: $50).

That should get my middle edge per marketing up to in a circle $130. At that rate, my break-even outcome charge drops to .38%. Now, we're talking!


Well, this media examine is a pretty big one - and we've solitary scraped the phony. True - it's a scratch that would have gotten my butt end whupped if I'd larboard it on my Mom's pianissimo assai stand.

But it's not moving simply a scrape. There's a lot more to categorize - but I'll have to brazen out the side by side manoeuvre different example.

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